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Rather than go through the same loop of arguing with people over the shit I post,  this is my Get With it or Get Lost disclaimer.

Get The Fuck Off My Page If The Following Applies to You:

  • If you believe that racism can be against whites 
  • If you are transphobic or homophobic
  • If you believe that whites can be oppressed
  • If you believe that you’re colorblind
  • You say or agree with the phrase “We’re all human”
  • If you believe that you’re welcome (as a white person) to join in on discussions about POC for POC
  • If you believe that having a POC as a friend/partner/fuck-buddy/vague acquaintance makes you immune to being racist
  • If you believe in reverse-racism
  • If you believe that you should be able to say nigga/any variation “because black people say it”
  • If you believe that cultural appropriation is “okay because X, Y, and she looks really pretty with Z on so blah-de-fucking-blah”
  • If you see nothing wrong with the OWS movement
  • If you can’t handle People of Color being upset about racism, get the fuck off tumblr.

If that hurt your feelings, don’t even entertain the idea of arguing with me about it. I don’t care.

Educate yourself. Here are a few starters that may help.

A Modern Definition of Racism

Racism: The Word and the Definition

More Shit You Should Know

“White people should just shut up and listen if two PoC are talking.”

Decoding Racist Language

Fetishizing People of Color / Dating a POC

A Check On Learning

This tumblr is not, nor will ever be a place designated towards educating people on POC issues and confronting institutionalized racism. I am not Google, Ask Jeeves, or an oracle about POC issues. 

This tumblr is for what I find interesting and relevant to my life. I’m not always polite. I lack much of a filter, especially when I read some shit that rubs me the wrong way. My opinion is not representative of how all POC think (Why the fuck do I even have to say this?). I am merely an individual, much like the rest of us. 

If you have an issue with anything stated in the above, please take my advice. Re: Get The Fuck Off My Page.

Too many people are following me again. Read it then if you can’t get with it, gtfo.

The links are really worth clicking on and reading through.

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