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“Back then, when I was growing up, boys gang-banging or gang-raping a girl was a pretty common thing. They called it pulling a train. IT didn’t happen to any particular kind of girl. It happened to girls who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The boys talked about it like it was a joke or a game, like they were “only” out to have some “fun.” If a girl was caught on the wrong side of a park or in the wrong territory or on the wrong street, she was a target. It was a common thing back then for boys to downgrade girls and cuss at them in the street. It was common for them to go to bed with girls and talk about them like dogs the next day. It was common for boys to deny they were the fathers of their babies. And it was common for boys to beat girls up and knock them around. And then the girls would get hard too.
“If the nigga ain’t gotg no money, I don’t want to be bothered.”
“If the nigga ain’t got no car, then later for him.”

The more I watched how boys and girls behaved, the more I read and the more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that this behavior could be traced directly back to the plantation when slaves were encouraged to take the misery of their lives out on each other instead of on the master. The slavemasters taught us we were ugly, less than human, unintelligent, and many of us believed it. Black people became breeding animals: studs and mares. A Black woman was fair game for anyone at any time: the master or a visiting guest or any redneck who desired her. The slavemaster would order her to have six with this stud, seven with that stud, for the purpose of increasing his stock. She was considered less than a woman. She was a cross between a whore and a workhorse. Black men internalized the white man’s opinion of black women. And, if you ask me, a lot of us still act like we’re back on the plantation with massa pulling the strings.”

Assata Shakur










Some nerds were so mad about that “sexism in video games” Kickstarter that they made a competing series to prove that somehow an industry almost entirely staffed by men that makes products intended for men is actually discriminatory against men. This is what happens when women try to voice their opinion on how society treats them: hordes of men feel unreasonably threatened and scramble around like idiots trying to bring the discourse back to a place where men are in complete control, either through harrassment and threats of violence or by making some garbage like this. If you hear anyone trying to pull this embarrassing bullshit, do your duty as a decent human being and rub some dog turds on their face and neck and maybe pee on them too

“Why does mainstream media think gamers are misogynistic, entitled teenage male shitlords????” BOY IT SURE IS A MYSTERY

If it got funded, I wonder what they would actually produce. What are they going to say? I’m interested to know, but not interested enough to hope this gets funded.

They would try and say that men are portrayed as violent thugs with big muscles and big weapons. We see this argument whenever anyone mentions the objectification of women in comics, as well: “Well, all those muscles are for the ladies! I feel objectified too!”

The disconnect is apparent to anyone who can think. Video games, comics, movies, etc, are forms of escapism that’re mainly targeted towards males. Those muscles and guns and bad-assness isn’t put on the screen or the page to entice women and make the men consuming the media feel smaller, it’s all there to make us feel like we’re more powerful than we actually are, mowing down hordes of monsters, nazis, people in malls, or mutants. The male physique and heroism/sadism is there for the man’s enjoyment, just like the prized female with the fantastic booty is there for them, as well.

It’s a terrible argument, grounded in the inability for most men to realize that everything in 99% of the media produced in this world exists to make us feel stronger, better, and more important than we are. They hear a woman’s argument and say, “You girls are getting off on the muscles!” without realizing that the muscles are playing into their own infantile projections of the person they want to be.

Happy Friday!

I’m just…wow. 


In video games.


Have these dudes ever played video games?


yeah my boyfriend was all “men are objectified too!”

so i linked him to that webcomic that i can’t remember the name of where she draws batman in a cute way and tells him to google false equivalence

Oh! I think I know exactly what comic you’re talking about, but I can’t remember it anymore either. Damn it, it’s a great one, too. The one that shows comic women in scanty clothes doing things that emphasize their sexuality, then ends with, “AND SEXISM IS DEAD”?

Anyone have the link to that comic? I need it in my life.

poor Sheploo suffers all kinds of misandry

he’s only on the box and in all the marketing and will be in the movie and got an actual face model unlike FemShep

he is so oppressed guys

This is one of those signs of the apocalypse.  All the oppressors are showing their asses at once.


Tropes vs Women in Video Games


Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the Feminist Frequency web series, has started a kickstarter project to fund a new series called “Tropes vs Women in Video Games”, looking at common portrayals such as damsel in distress, sexy villainess, etc.

Sadly, it will doubtlessly not surprise anyone that some sectors of the gaming community have reacted extremely negatively towards the project. In her own words:

The intimidation and harassment effort has included a torrent of misogyny and hate speech on my YouTube video, repeated vandalizing of the Wikipedia page about me, organized efforts to flag my YouTube videos as “terrorism”, as well as many threatening messages sent through Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, email and my own website. These messages and comments have included everything from the typical sandwich and kitchen “jokes” to threats of violence, death, sexual assault and rape. All that plus an organized attempt to report this project to Kickstarter and get it banned or defunded. Thankfully, Kickstarter has been incredibly supportive in helping me deal with the harassment on their service.

The sad thing is this kind of backlash happens all the time whenever women dare to speak up about gender and video games.

There are three days left to support the project, if anyone is interested (though it is definitely being made), or to just to support it by following it on twitter or sending messages. I thought that a some of you may be interested in this, as we have all seen this type of misogyny online directed towards female gamers, or people who raise the issues of gaming and gender, and that some people would be interested in the project itself. 

Bill Maher drops t-bomb twice on live television. Cue indifference from Gay Inc.


On last Friday’s Real Time, part-time comedian and full-time misogynist Bill Maher featured a transphobic joke in his “New Rules” segment.

After a quick dig at a Miss Universe contestant for giving a answer Bill felt was stupic (dames, ammirite?), Maher turned his attention to the former Miss Pennsylvania who allegedly quit the competition over their adoption on trans-inclusive policies.

Bill’s response: “If you’re going to quit Miss Universe over them letting in tr*nnies, you have to admit that most Miss Universe contestants look like tr*nnies anyway.”

Bill Maher: Class Act.

I should point out that while much of Maher’s show focuses on extemporaneous debate, this “joke” appeared in Maher’s prewritten remarks.

We all know how this works now right? We’ve seen it a million times, a celebrity makes an inappropriate remark, the big queer orgs jump down his troat and he either eventually has to appologize or be shunned by all progressively minded people.

Oh wait, that’s only what happens when anyone says anything kinda, sorta, maybe offensive about cis-gays; when trans people are attacked and slurred, you won’t hear a single peep from Gay Inc. or anyone else

Sociologist Christine Williams (1995) interviewed men and women who worked in traditionally female jobs—as nurses, elementary school teachers, librarians, and social workers. Instead of bumping their heads against a glass ceiling, the men in these occupations found themselves aboard a glass escalator. They were given higher-level positions, more desirable work assignments, and higher salaries. The motor that drives the glass escalator is gender—the stereotype that because someone is male he is more capable.
James Henslin, Essentials of Sociology (via sociologique)

Why is it every time a PoC or GSM makes a blog where others from that group can vent frustration or try to educate people, straight cis white people usually react with mocking or outrage?


Why y’all so outraged? If you’re not a white supremacist, or cis scum, or a homophobe, why are you taking such offence?

Why feel the need to make “dear non-cis people” or “this is black privilege”? Oh right, because everything has to be about your selfish asses.

Have I ever had “ANY unwanted/undesired physical or sexual contact”?






Earlier in this pregnancy, I filled out my “Initial Health History” form for prenatal and birth care. You know: check the box if you’ve experienced severe headaches, diabetes, all sorts of things. After the usual “Emotional abuse,” “Physical abuse,” “Sexual abuse,” I got to this very interesting item: ”ANY unwanted/undesired physical or sexual contact.”

read the link. so spot on.

[trigger warning LIKE WHOA at the link for rape culture, coercion, molestation, and general unwanted attention]

Because I can hardly stand the thought of these constant erosions of personhood seeming normal to our daughters and sons.


Everyone needs to read this.

I know that the concept of “rape culture” can be really hard to understand if you’re new to it or just not quite sure what it entails. It took me a painfully long time to recognize that a lot of my behaviors — jokes, apologia, defending perpetrators, victim-blaming, &c — were contributing in ways I didn’t have the ability to recognize but did have the ability to change. It’s a constant struggle, too, tbh, because the learned habits of a lifetime are still reinforced by society even as I try to unlearn them.

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at someone being ~hysterical~ or ~humorless~ or ~uptight~ about feminism or rape culture or victim blaming or misogyny or safe spaces or bodily autonomy, or if you’re looking for a way to explain those things to someone else, this essay might help.

(Source: manifestfreedom)

I’m tired of people pinning homophobia and misogyny on the black community like we invented that shit.






A Taylor Swift album has more misogyny than a Drake album. 

Psychologist did research on the most misogynistic music and country had the more misogynistic messages than hip hop/rap.


See, there you go with that thing called Logic and Facts, love. People don’t like those.

Hell, half of the non-rap related 80s music I remember as a kid? Had half naked band-aids writhing on cars, extoling the virtues of sweet cherry pie, the color pink and …

case in point? Misogyny in music videos? Not just a rap thing. It might be easier to scapegoat that way…but misogyny is aspect of patriarchy and therefore is represented in a sadly consistent amount of the overall culture…

THANK YOU! Hair bands were INCREDIBLY misogynistic! Even (as much as I love the genre) 90’s Alt Rock. 

(Source: the-spooky-goddess-success)




White privilege is chocking up the misogyny in a genre of music generally considered “white” like rock n roll to  “boys will be boys” while the misogyny found in  genres considered “black” like rap and hip hop is is somehow perceived as indicative of the culture, and changes are always demanded.

Mod note: You know what’s the most misogynistic band I’ve ever heard? Weezer. And I’ve never heard one feminist call them out for their bullshit.

Thanks to Slash I have a deep knowledge of late 80’s /early 90’s rock and hair bands( though G&R not a hair band and i will fight you for that)……. 

but please convince me that Hip Hop is the worst shit you’ve heard….

I also sing Opera …

My favorite Aria to perform is one about a woman who is about to kill herself after being prostituted to save her lover and disposed of .

One of my favorite monologues comes from a Shakespearean play where a woman who is raped and tortured and dismembered is killed by her father for “honor”

who then murders ANOTHER woman who was raped and tortured and gang-raped and commanded said torture of woman one based on her hate of women…..

led by a Black man who gives one of the worlds most chilling monologues which features his distaste of women….

but yes Wheezy is the debil

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