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while I understand the frustration of having what amounts to a two-party system

if you voted for a third party, especially in a major swing state? You may as well have fucking voted for Romney

If this keeps up for the other 38% of votes as they roll in, and you voted third party in Florida, and Florida ends up costing Obama the presidency, I really, really hope you regret it.

And again I completely understand that two-party systems are shitty, but giving you vote to “Others” when this is a REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT ELECTION is fucking awful, and you are no fucking friend of ANYONE hurt by Romney’s proposed policies.

Election day fuckery courtesy of the GOP


Surprising exactly no one, there have been many reports of problems at polling places today, particularly in swing states. It’s also clear that most of these efforts to frustrate, confuse, and trick voters are being done for the benefit of Republican candidates. Undermining the democratic process is an election strategy for the GOP.


  • “Allegheny County officials received a complaint early Tuesday morning that Republicans outside a polling station…in Homestead, Pa., were stopping voters outside the polls and demanding identification. A county judge ordered a halt to partisan electioneering outside polling stations, according to Pittsburgh’s Tribune-Review” (via)

  • “…The Philadelphia Inquirer reported confusion at polling stations across the metro area. At a site in South Philadelphia, a poll worker began asking for IDs after she was asked by a visitor why she was not instructing voters to provide them.” (via)

  • “Voters in Harrisburg reportedly received mailers instructing them incorrectly that they must provide state-approved identification to vote, according to The Philadelphia Daily News. The mailers were produced by the Pennsylvania State Department and sent out in September, before the Oct. 2 ruling.” (via)

  • Voters throughout in Pennsylvania have been incorrectly turned away from polls for not having IDs (via)
  • “A Pennsylvania voter on Tuesday morning posted a video on Youtube in which his vote for President Obama was repeatedly changed into one for GOP candidate Mitt Romney, NBC News confirmed. The machine was taken out of service.” (via). According to Mother Jones, the machine has been “recalibrated” and is back in use.

  • “Earlier in Pennsylvania, a judge issued an order to reinstate Republican election officials across Philadelphia who were allegedly ejected from the polls.” (via)


  • “An hour after polls opened in Florida, hundreds — perhaps thousands — of voters received robocalls from the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections office mistakenly telling them that they had until 7 p.m. on Wednesday to vote. Polls actually close at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. The calls went out because of a glitch with the office’s phone system, according to The Tampa Bay Times.” (via)
  • This is on top of the fact that early voting hours in Florida were reduced by Republican lawmakers

New Jersey

  • “[New Jersey voters] were instructed to send applications by fax or e-mail to their county clerk’s office, and were supposed to receive ballots back once their applications were approved. But according to, many voters reported never receiving a ballot. (via)


  • Linda McMahon’s (R) campaign has been handing out materials which suggest she’s Independent and aligned with the Democratic ticket (via)


  • A judge will rule later today “on an election-eve lawsuit alleging that voting software used at election boards in 25 of Ohio’s most populous counties could leave equipment vulnerable to ballot manipulation. The software was made by Omaha-based Elections Systems and Software, according to the Associated Press.” (via)
  • “In Ross County, Ohio, elections officials told The Columbus Dispatch that a small group of people was reported to be knocking on doors claiming to be from the Board of Elections.” (via)
  • In the Cincinnati suburb of Norwood, a voter who walked into a polling place was handed a “sample ballot guide” which turned out to be instructions on how to vote Republican on every question. This was from a GOP worker who was illegally campaigning inside the polling station.
  • Ohio’s election board falsely told thousands of voters that they were not registered. State officials decided to make those people use provisional ballots. (via)
  • Conservative judges will hear an appeal on SEIU v. Husted, which



  • An election worker in Clackamas County, Oregon was caught tampering with ballots, filling in Republican votes (via)


  • Republican Jeff Flake was robocalling registered Democrats, directing them to the wrong polling places (via)

Make no mistake about it, Republicans work to make it harder for citizens to vote. Undermining the democratic process is how they win elections.



This Week In History: 12-year-old Palestinian boy Muhammad al-Durrah is shot to death in his father’s arms by Israeli troops

On September 30, 2000, the second day of the second intifada, the father and son were caught in a cross fire and hid behind a concrete cylinder. For 45 minutes Jamal al-Durrah shielded his son from Israeli fire as several bullets narrowly missed them. He desperately waved and shouted: “Don’t shoot!” but to no avail.

Muhammad al-Durrah was shot four times and eventually slumped across his father’s legs, who was also shot and lost consciousness. 

An ambulance driver who tried to rescue the boy and his father was also killed, along with a jeep driver, and a second ambulance driver was wounded. Muhammad lay bleeding for at least 17 minutes before an ambulance was able to pick them up.

Lord hve mercy on us

How in the fuck, can we treat other humans like this? My soul hurts. I feel so sad and helpless for them. FUCK this shit. 

I’m, honest to god, so sick of hearing about the fucked up shit Israel is doing.  It pisses me off so fucking much.

(Source: fajrarmy)

Romney technically won that debate.  I hate to say it but he was forceful, assertive, eloquent, and (I really hate to admit this) He looked good and relatively rested.  Obama, while saying things that were technically true, and made a hell of a lot more sense (especially to politically minded people), seemed to be all over the place.  He “uhmmed” and stuttered and he looked tired, and while it’s all understandable (He’s running the country and campaigning for reelection so his mind is bound to be elsewhere), it didn’t look GOOD.  And for most of the nation, which has absolutely no understanding of how politics work, the candidate who seemed to have his shit together is the candidate that looks real good.  So regardless of who is technically better, Romney looked better, and unfortunately looks go a really long way.

New Gallup poll reports Obama 47% and Romney 47% among REGISTERED VOTERS.



So in polls among the people Obama has a massive lead, but among the people who are actually going to vote it is neck and neck. This is feeling more and more like the 2004 election every day. The news made it seem like there was no possible way that George Bush could win and yet he did. Not a single person I knew even considered that he might win. Now the republicans are coming out full force to suppress the vote.

If you’re young and this is only your first or second election don’t feel comfortable that Romney is going to lose. Go register to vote and show up on election day. You’ve only got about 2 weeks left to do it my state and possibly yours. Do it now. It is very possible that Romney will still win the election. George Bush was just as big a moron (very possibly worse) too. Arguments or how you look in the news don’t matter on election day. Turnout is the only thing that matters at this point.

People who felt comfortable that everyone else would go vote in 2004 are actually the ones most responsible for the financial collapse. Don’t be responsible for putting this rich guy who doesn’t care about any of us in charge of us. It’s not an abstract idea. He’s pretty fucking close to actually getting the job.



[TW: Rape] New Mexico Gov. Requires Women Seeking Childcare Assistance To Prove They Were ‘Forcibly Raped’

After Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) asserted his belief that “legitimate rape” doesn’t often lead to pregnancy, Republican lawmakers were quick to attempt to configure his radical stance on women’s health as an outlier in their party. However, increasing numbers of GOP politicians’ language about the nature of sexual assault actually echoes Akin’s — including New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R), whose state’s policies use language that effectively narrows the definition of rape.

Not only did Martinez refer to “forcible rape” in an announcement instating April as New Mexico’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month — as if some kinds of sexual assault need to be qualified as more or less “legitimate” than others — but, as RH Reality Check reports, the term also appears in the state’s proposed changes to its official applications for childcare assistance. If the proposed changes take effect, women in New Mexico will be required to prove that their sexual assault qualified as “forcible rape” if they are seeking childcare assistance for a child that resulted from rape:

If adopted, this policy will have numerous implications. It establishes in state law a narrow definition of rape that can and will be applied in other areas of law and policy. It puts a heavy burden on women who have been raped and are now struggling economically to support a child or children to prove the manner in which they were raped and to meet a test set up by the state to exclude many women in need of childcare assistance who would otherwise qualify.

It would force women who have left violent domestic partnerships, who were date-raped, who were impregnated as a result of incest, or through other “non-forcible” but nonetheless equally violent and denigrating means of sexual violation to first re-engage with their abusers to seek child support, putting control of their lives back into the hands of someone by whom they were violated in the most profound sense of the term.

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